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METAL.IK is a very stylish 90s inspired synthwave steampunk FPS which sees you rising up against your robot brothers in a world where the human race was wiped out 700 years ago.

Drawing inspiration from Hotline Miami and Quake, METAL.IK volumes 1 and 2 are short and very stylish FPS games set in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by robots. You control one such robot as they rise up against the rest of the robots and attempt to escape from the spaceship you’re trapped in. Then (in volume 2) you attempt to penetrate the depths of the internet and play an audio cassette of music – the last vestige of humanity.

Volume 1 of METAL.IK is split into two different levels – one where you collect weapons and fight robots inside the spaceship and one where you attempt to dispatch all the guard turrets on the outside of the spaceship. Volume 2 is a little more polished and sees you crash-landing on a planet and blasting robots as you attempt to locate and penetrate the internet’s central hub.

The color scheme can be a little garish and there are parts of volume 1 that feel a little unfinished, but there’s a lot to like about METAL.IK. The cinematics are very well done, the combat is fun, it oozes style and the synthwave soundtrack is fantastic. A robot uprising well worth joining.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, LMB – Shoot, RMB – Aim

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download METAL.IK Vol 1 Here

Download METAL.IK Vol 2 Here

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