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Metaphobia is a murder mystery point and click adventure which sees you delving into a web of political corruption as you investigate the suspicious death of your father.

In Metaphobia you take on the role of the son of a recently deceased major who had been widely regarded as a great man – uncorruptible, fair and keen to serve the best interests of the people (a “good politician” if there is such a thing). The police apprehended the killer, but you think there’s a little more to it and start poking around and are embroiled into a story of political espionage and corruption.

It’s a retro point and click adventure, but don’t expect much in the way of a Lucasarts’ sense of humor in Metaphobia, it’s quite a serious and sombre affair. The story is genuinely intriguing and there are plenty of interesting characters to meet as you unravel the mystery. The puzzles are inventive, it’s entirely voice acted and the rotoscoped pixel art animation is excellent throughout. A well crafted point and click political thriller with a great retro visual style.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Metaphobia Here

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