Metro Cop – Browser Game

Metro Cop is a fun little browser based 2D Virtual Cop demake that sees you using precision shooting to blast your way through an army of bad guys.

Metro Cop draws inspiration from the Sega arcade classic light gun game, Virtua Cop, but instead of chunky polygons, everything is made out of 2D pixel art and you use your mouse to aim and shoot instead of a light gun. Because of these changes it bares more than a passing resemblance to Operation Wolf, but the color palate, setting and bad guys are all fondly reminiscent of Virtua Cop.

There are three stages and a boss fight to deal with and although it’s not the toughest game in the world, you will sometimes get caught off guard or forget to reload before taking a shot. It’s a fun game with charming retro visuals, a catchy chiptune soundtrack and reflex-testing arcade gameplay. A perfect little homage to the Sega light gun classic.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Metro Cop Here

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