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Micro Aces is a perfect little homage to the classic Micro Machines games with you racing around improvised household race tracks in a variety of little toy cars.

If you’ve ever played a Micro Machines game than you’ll feel right at home with Micro Aces. It features single player and multiplayer races (including head-to-head modes), which see you racing toy cars around charming race tracks that are crudely fashioned out of household objects. There are twenty different tracks to race around with seven different cars, each with handling fondly reminiscent of the Micro Machines games.

The track design is very creative and full of neat little touches – such as a track lined with dominoes you can topple over and a functioning toy railroad running through it. If you’re playing against the AI racers you’ll find the courses challenging initially as (much like in Micro Machines) you really have to learn them as you can’t see far enough ahead to anticipate most corners. It’s most fun in multiplayer though, particularly the classic head-to-head mode which sees you vying for points by driving far enough ahead of your opponent to knock them off the screen.

Although Micro Aces is a homage to the Micro Machines games and could do with a few more features (such as a championship mode), it feels like a return to form for the series. The later Micro Machines games ended up overcomplicating things with weapons, stats and power-ups and distracting from what people loved about the game in the first place. Micro Aces returns to the simple childhood pleasures of playing with toy cars and racing them around quaint household race tracks. On your marks, set, play!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: We highly recommend turning on “Pixelize” in the options menu as it adds a lot more character. If you want to recreate the authentic top-down view of the original games you can turn on “Retromode” too (but it makes things much harder!)

Download Micro Aces Here

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