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micropolisJS game

micropolisJS is essentially a browser based version of the original (and best) SimCity game that offers good old fashioned top down city management simulation with no need to bother with the hassle of water supplies or waste management infrastructure.

Anyone who’s ever played the original SimCity will feel right at home with micropolisJS – you start on an empty randomly generated map and begin to populate it with residential, commercial and industrial buildings, along with roads, railways and necessary utility buildings such as power plants and police stations. Your aim is to build up your city and balance your economy and approval rating to keep people flowing into your city and to keep the money flowing in.

As in the original SimCity, micropolisJS’s take on city management is very easy to pick up and play, and very hard to put down. Thankfully you don’t get too bogged down with utilities such as water supplies and waste management that appeared in later SimCity games, instead you just have to make sure each building is connected to some form of transport and an electricity supply. As your city expands you’ll have to deal with familiar issues like solution and traffic congestion, but you can also choose to inflict disasters on the city, such as monsters, floods and tornados.

The core gameplay of SimCity is almost three decades old now, but it’s amazing how well it still holds up. It’s a fantastic game that can still suck you in for hours as you build your little village into a massive sprawling metropolis. Now thanks to micropolisJS, that addictive city management gameplay is just one click away – say goodbye to all your free time!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, Cursor Keys – Move Screen

Available On: All Browsers

Play micropolisJS Here

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