Midnight Scenes: The Goodbye Note – Download Game

Midnight Scenes: The Goodbye Note is a fantastic little Twilight Zone inspired point and click sci-fi horror adventure that follows Dr. Richard P. Griffin as he embarks on a terrifying journey with a mysterious object hidden in his briefcase.

Midnight Scenes: The Goodbye Note is the sequel to last year’s excellent Midnight Scenes: The Highway and continues the Twilight Zone‘s styled sci-fi horror point and click adventure theme. This episode of Midnight Scenes revolves around the journey of Dr. Richard P. Griffin, a very fastidious scientific researcher who has been working on a mysterious project. He must now take a plane journey that may have higher stakes than anyone can imagine…

Taking around 20 minutes to playthrough, the pixel artwork and dark Sci-Fi narrative are excellent in Midnight Scenes: The Goodbye Note. Much like the previous episode, it really nails the Twilight Zone theme it’s going for. The puzzles are fairly easy to figure out, but they’re satisfyingly logical and allow you to enjoy the narrative rather than pixel-hinting for hot-spots and randomly combining objects. It’s a fantastic little adventure, the only downside is that it’ll most likely be another year until we can tune in to the next episode! Highly recommended!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Midnight Scenes: The Goodbye Note Here

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