Million Ant Moving Company – Download Game

Million Ant Moving Company is a wonderfully weird little physics based game which sees you controlling a huge colony of ants as they do furniture removals!

Created by andyman404 (creator of Magnethead Construction Company and Concourse X-Ray for the Bonfire Jam, in Million Ant Moving Company you are put in charge of a furniture removals company whose workforce is a colony of millions of ants. Many hands may make light work, but millions of mandibles can do it even better (well that’s the theory anyway!)

In each level of Million Ant Moving Company your ants have to load or unload cargo from their removal van. You can give large clumps of the ants orders by clicking and dragging with the mouse – dragging left or right makes them move in that direction and dragging upwards makes them form towers (which come in handy later). The removal jobs start off fairly easy, but as you progress you encounter large pits and lasers that require some real ant organization skills.

It’s a fun little game with a fantastic premise and a charming low poly visual style. There’s something oddly satisfying about watching the swarms of little ants go about their work (even if sometimes they’re not the most obedient of creatures!)

Controls: WASD – Move Camera, Mouse – Point, Click & Drag to Order Ants Around

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Million Ant Moving Company Here

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