Milo and the Christmas Gift – Downloadable Game

Milo and the Christmas Gift is a delightful hand-painted festive point and click adventure where a cat goes in search of a runaway bunny.

A short and sweet standalone spin-off of Milo and the Magpies, Milo and the Christmas Gift is a very charming Christmas themed point and click adventure. The game follows the story of a chilled out little cat who accidentally scares off a little girl’s bunny rabbit at Christmas. He then sets out to try and bring the bunny back and save Christmas.

The point and click gameplay in Milo and the Christmas Gift is a little like the classic Samorost games, with you clicking different objects on the screen and figuring out how to make them interact with each other. It’s a very laid back experience and the hand-painted artwork and hand-drawn animation is absolutely delightful. It makes for a heartwarming Christmas treat full of festive joy.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac (Steam)

Download Milo and the Christmas Gift Here

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