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Mimics Game Download

Mimics is a very funny local or online multiplayer game in which you attempt to imitate pictures with your face!

There are a few different game modes in Mimics, suited to online an local multiplayer fun, but the premise of them is pretty similar. You’re given a picture that you have to attempt to imitate with your own face, then other players have to guess which picture you’re imitating from a random selection of images.

It’s clearly more suited to mobile devices, but does have desktop versions available for those with webcams. It’s a simple, but fun premise that offers up plenty of multiplayer mayhem as players attempt to contort their faces into different poses. It’s great fun online, but it’s absolutely hilarious after a few drinks at a party!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard/Touch Screen

Available On: Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

Download Mimics Here

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