Mind Blown – Browser Game

Mind Blown is a fun fast paced browser based music video quiz where you attempt to match the song that’s playing to one of the three videos on screen, and each time you get a question wrony the presenter’s head explodes!

The goal in each episode of Mind Blown is simple, you just listen to the song that’s playing and click the corresponding video that it matches. While this may sound easy there are a few factors that can make it quite hard – you only have a few seconds to decide, you can only see a third of each video and a lot of the time all three videos are by the same artist.

There are ten differently themed quizzes, each of which contains eight different songs to match to the videos. The quizzes are presented by quirky hosts, but don’t get too attached to them – each time you get a question wrong their head will explore and they’ll be replaced by a new one!

It’s a simple, but fun music quiz with a great presentation and some very clever coding that splices together the episodes seamlessly. Well worth checking out to test your music video knowledge or just if you want to watch people’s heads explode!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Mind Blown Here

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