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Mini-Dead is a short and intense mouse controlled boss fighting game in which you use your teleportation beam to battle three deadly bosses (and one secret boss fight).

Mini-Dead is controlled entirely with the mouse. You move your character by moving the mouse then press and hold the left mouse button to aim your teleportation beam. This teleportation beam not only instantly transports you when you let go of the left mouse button, but also damages the bosses if it comes into contact with them.

The boss fights can all be won in under a minute if you’re good enough, but it’s likely that on your first few attempts you’ll die instantly and you’ll gradually improve from there. Success requires fast reflexes and learning the attack patterns of the bosses. Beat all three bosses and you’ll be able to access a fourth fight that’ll really test your mettle!

It’s a super tough little game that’s perfect for a short blast of intense arcade boss battling fun. The bosses seem impossible to beat when you first encounter them but with a little practice (and a bit of skill) you’ll show them who’s boss!

Controls – Mouse – Movement, LMB – Teleport/Attack

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Mini-Dead Here

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