Mini Mr. Driller – Browser Game

Mini Mr. Driller is a fun little browser based version of Namco’s classic Mr. Driller arcade puzzle game, which sees you drilling through colored blocks to earn points, whilst avoiding getting crushed or running out of oxygen.

Playing like a blend of Dig Dug and Tetris, Mini Mr. Driller sees you controlling the titular character as he drills his way deep into the earth. It’s split up into different levels, with you aiming to burrow down to the pink blocks at the bottom in each one.

There are four main colors of block in Mini Mr. Driller and if you drill into similarly colored blocks that are adjacent to each other then they’ll all disappear. This can aid your progress, but it’s also quite dangerous as it can make the structure around you unstable, causing blocks to drop and squash your little character. You also have to be wary of running out of air, your supply of which constantly drops and will drop by 20% if you drill through a crate. You can replenish the air by grabbing air capsules, but reaching them can be tricky – drilling sideways can often lead to a collapse.

It’s a fun and addictive little browser based revamp of an arcade classic. With fast paced arcade puzzling gameplay that’s easy to pick up but hard to master. Well worth checking out for some browser based drilling fun.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Move, Spacebar – Drill

Available On: All Browsers

Play Mini Mr. Driller Here

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