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missing translation game

Missing Translation is a fantastic puzzle adventure with beautiful black and white pixel art animation, a secret language and an intriguing world with over 100 logic based puzzles.

Even though Missing Translation has only just been fully released, it’s already won and been nominated for multiple awards, and within the first few minutes of play you can see why.  The fantastic art style, audio and world design make the strange world of Missing Translation a joy to explore.  The beautifully crafted game world is completely open, so you can wander around solving puzzles in whatever order you like and collect the pieces of a mysterious machine.

All the puzzles are intuitive and logic based, starting off simply, but getting fiendishly tough as they go on.  There’s even a Fez-esque secret language to decipher to further test your grey matter.  It’s not just the puzzles that make Missing Translation such a great gaming experience though – it’s the whole package.  You can’t help but feel you’re playing something special as you explore and solve this perfect pixel art puzzle adventure.

Controls:  WADS – Movement, E – Activate, Q – Rotate

Available On:  Windows & Linux

Check Out a Brief Playthough Here

Download Missing Translation Here

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