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Mission: It’s Complicated features a quirky fusion of super hero management, dating sim and visual novel elements as you attempt to save the world by making two superheroes fall in love.

Created by Schell Games, creators of the excellent Orion Trail, Mission: It’s Complicated is a lighthearted narrative-driven Sci-Fi adventure where you attempt to save the world from a giant monster planet-devouring monster that travels between realities. Thankfully you do have a band of five superheroes at your disposal, but to defeat the monster you need to get two of them to fall in love!

To get your superheroes to fall in love you send them out on missions. You select two superheroes for each mission and you decide their actions during the mission. Depending on how successful the mission is, they increase their bond (and hopefully fall in love). You can’t just send out the same two superheroes repeatedly though as they need a break and their confidence is a factor in the mission being successful.

It’s a fun game with a wonderfully whimsical premise, great artwork and lots of witty and funny writing. It’s a very uplifting and pleasant experience, with multiple endings depending on who falls in love and even an “Ultimate Happy Ending” to discover. So what are you waiting for? Time to save the world with the power of love!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Mission: It’s Complicated Here

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