Mitoosis – Browser Game

Mitoosis is a cleverly crafted and challenging little organic puzzler where you attempt to divide cells in such a way that they fill up each organism, but if you get three cells of the same color in a row then they dissapear.

In each level of Mitoosis your goal is simply to divide your cells so that they fill the body of each microorganism. Dividing the cells is easy – you just drag and drop to the area you want to expand to. However, a little like in Bejewelled or Candy Crush, creating three cells of the same color in a row will cause them to vanish. This means you need to figure out ways of dividing your cells in such a way that you don’t make three of them in a row – which is easier said than done!

Mitoosis really impresses with its simple, stylish visuals, intuitive controls and creative level design and innovative gameplay mechanics that offer a unique twist on the match 3 puzzle genre. An inventive microscopic cell based puzzler that will grow on you.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Browser

Play Mitoosis Here

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