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Mitoza is a surreal, surprising and beautifully animated mini choose-your-own-adventure style game where you explore the many different bizarre possibilities of a little seed.

Created by Second Maze (creators of Milo and the Magpies) the gameplay in Mitoza is fairly simple – you make binary decisions about which path a little seed will follow along its lifetime. There are 72 different permutations for your little seed to go down and all of them are weird, unexpected and entertaining – from becoming a venus flytrap then getting covered in spiderwebs and chopped into sushi, to being squashed by a bowling ball whose brain eats cherries.

It’s all incredibly silly and weird, with lots of unexpected results to your decisions that make for a thoroughly entertaining experience. That little seed has so many possibilities, none of which you’ll see coming!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Mitoza Here

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