MIX UP – Browser Game

MIX UP is a tricky little color based match 3 puzzler where you can stack blocks on top of existing blocks, altering their colors as you do so.

In MIX UP your aim is to place blocks on a small board to line up three matching colors in a row, causing them to disappear and free up space on the board. As progress you’ll randomly spawn new grid pieces which expand your play area, but things also start to get a lot tougher.

You start by placing single blocks of just three primary colors, but as you progress the block sizes get larger and more colors are introduced. If you’re running out of space you can lay colored tiles on top of each other. If you lay a tile on top of a matching color then it will stack and remain the same color – if you stack too many times then it will explode and cause the part of the grid that it’s sitting on to disappear. Stacking differently colored tiles on top of each other will cause them to change color, but you need to be careful not to mix too many colors or it will turn black and won’t match with any other tiles.

It takes a few attempts to get your head around the rules in MIX UP, but once you get the hang of it then it’s great fun. It’s an addictive little puzzler and it does a great job of slowly building up the difficulty as you go from nicely arranging your tiles to frantically attempting to place them anywhere!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Browser

Download or Play MIX UP Here

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