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Mobler is an addictive little platformer where you try to climb as high as possible as Tetris-esque chunks of furniture drop from the air.

In Mobler you control a cute little intergalactic furniture delivery person called Birdo who has crash landed on Uranus. In a (totally logical) rescue attempt Earth has sent ships containing vast amounts of furniture to orbit Uranus to drop furniture. This furniture will then form a tower which Birdo can climb up to safety. The only main issues being that Birdo will have to climb 10km vertically to escape and is in constant danger of being squashed by falling furniture or eaten by a massive alien whale monster!

The gameplay in Mobler is fast, fun and addictive. You need to keep climbing as high as possible while furniture falls like Tetris blocks all around you. There are “X” indicators to warn you where furniture is going to fall, but generally you should always be trying to climb to the highest place on the tower (especially as it keeps you further away from the whale monster that is eating its way up the tower below you).

It’s a great little game that’s perfect for a fix of fast paced platformer fun. The block dropping gameplay of Tetris takes on a whole new meaning when you’re trapped in the middle of it all!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Mobler Game Here

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