Mobs Inc. – Browser Game

Mobs Inc

Mobs Inc. is a fast paced and fun arcade action game in which you control a new recruit in a dungeon, employed to dispatch the constant stream of adventurers that keep invading.

Movement in Mobs Inc. is controlled entirely with the mouse, with your character constantly walking towards the cursor and performing a jumping slash attack with the left mouse button.  You have four lives to kill as many adventurers as possible, impress your boss and level up as high as possible, unlocking new special moves on your way.

Created for Ludlum Dare 33, Mobs Inc. impresses with its great pixel art animation, quirky sense of humor and addictive, fast paced combat.  You’d better do a good job protecting the dungeon, you don’t want to piss off your boss!

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click,  Q, W, E – Special Moves

Available On:  All Browsers (Chrome & Firefox recommended)

Gameplay Video:  Here

Play Mobs Inc. Here

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