Mole – Browser Game

Mole is a fast and fun little platformer where you only use a single button as you attempt to propel a mole through a tunnel system.

Created by mmatt_ugh, creator of SELF and Yin and Yang, Mole is a simple and cleverly crafted platformer that’s controlled with just the spacebar. In each level your aim is to guide a little mole from the top to the bottom of each tunnel. Pressing the spacebar either makes the mole jump vertically or wall-jump horizontally when in contact with a wall. The little mole has no means of horizontal propulsion other than wall-jumping, so you need to make sure you have the momentum to reach another wall or you’ll be stranded and fail the level.

It’s a fun little game with easily accessible single-button gameplay, a very catchy soundtrack and a unique concept. The level design is particularly impressive as it manages to test your limited mobility in some inventive ways as you descend through the tunnels. Highly recommended.

Controls: Spacebar

Available On: Browser

Play Mole Here

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