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MOLOCH ZERO game download

MOLOCH (Zero) is a surprisingly dark little puzzler in which you carry out a series of tests via your MOLOCH OS desktop to see if you’re worthy of the position of Shift Manager at the MOLOCH Corporation.

After booting up MOLOCH (Zero) you’re greeted with a virtual desktop that you can play a simple game of Lucky Cup on or open the special interview simulation software that will really test your dedication to the company. You have been selected as a “potential candidate for further screening for the position of [Shift Manager]” which doesn’t exactly fill you with hope of securing the job, so you’ll have to impress during the interview to stand a chance of securing it.

The interview process will test you on the four key qualities of a Shift Manager – Intuition, Problem Solving, Efficiency and Obedience. The puzzles aren’t particularly hard, but the problem is that the some of the things the MOLOCH Corporation asks you to do are questionable to say the least. There’s an authoritarian air to the company, with plenty of reminders to obey and work hard, and it’s clearly a place where human life is cheap. By the end of the interview you may impress your employers but it’s unlikely you’ll be feeling too good about it!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download MOLOCH (Zero) Here

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