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Mondar’s Dungeon is a challenging little card based roguelike where you scavenge supplies, drink potions, cast spells and battle monsters as you make your way through three levels of dungeons to retrieve a legendary amulet.

In Mondar’s Dungeon you are tasked with battling your way through a series of treacherous monster-filled catacombs to retrieve the legendary Amulet of Mondar. It plays similarly to traditional dungeon crawling roguelikes, but everything is made of cards.

Each room you enter is made up of four stacks of cards that you turn over one at a time. The cards can either be doors to other rooms, useful resources, traps or enemies. Enemies need to be dispatched before you can turn over any cards below them, but they’ll attack you too each time your attack them. There’s lots of useful resources you can collect, including spells, potions, weapons and armor, all of which are handy for keeping your stats up as you make your way through the three levels of dungeons.

It’s a fun little dungeon crawling roguelike that offers an interesting card-based twist on the genre. The first level of dungeons are fairly easy but you’ll really have to play your cards right to make your way through all three!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Mondar’s Dungeon Here

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