Monkey Island: Insult Swordfighting Game – Browser Game

Monkey Island: Insult Swordfighting Game is a fun browser based game that allows players to relive the humorous delights of Monkey Island’s insult sword fighting minigame, with you trading insults with nefarious pirates and attempting to become the most skilled insult sword fighter on Melee Island!

Monkey Island: Insult Swordfighting Game features three game modes, allowing you to choose between using – Monkey Island 1 insults, Monkey Island 3 insults or both of them combined. The gameplay is the same in each one, but the variety of insults available can make things much harder (particularly in mixed mode).

The insult swordfighting plays out much like in the original Monkey Island game, with you attempting to use your wit to win swordfights. There are four different pirates scattered across the island, each of which you can challenge in a duel. During fights you trade insults with your opponent, hurling witty insults at them and attempting to find the most appropriate response for the insults they throw at you. You start off with a very limited repertoire of insults, but you learn from your opponent’s responses during each fight and soon become a skilled insult fighter – perhaps even skilled enough to defeat the Melee Islands legendary swordmaster!

It’s a fun game that perfectly recreates the classic insult sword fighting gameplay and humor of the original. Well worth checking out for some retro Monkey Island fun.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play The Monkey Island: Insult Swordfighting Game Here

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