Monster Milktruck – Browser Game

Monster Milktruck game

Monster Milktruck is a very odd blend of driving and Google Earth that allows you to drive a milk truck across real world environments.

In Monster Milktruck you can take a rather floaty milktruck for a drive anywhere in the world thanks to the magic of Google Earth. Being that a all of the world data is taken from Google Earth, all of the buildings and roads are flat and painted onto the ground, but the hills and valleys of the landscape are accurately represented, allowing for some great fun as you drive your physics defying milk truck over them!

There’s no real objective in Monster Milktruck, just drive, propel your milktruck high ito the air and enjoy the scenery. A silly and strangely addictive experience well worth taking for a spin.

Controls – Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: All Browsers

Play Monster Milktruck Here

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