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Monsterland is essentially an online multiplayer version of the pen and paper Exquisite Corpse drawing party game, where three different people draw three individual parts of a monster without being able to see what the previous person has drawn.

Everybody’s played the classic party game where you draw a part of a monster on a piece of paper then fold it over so nobody can see what it looks like, then pass it on for someone else to draw their section. Monsterland is a browser based online multiplayer version of this, where you can drop in and sketch your sections of a monster and marvel at some of the wonderfully weird three-part monster creations.

You can either draw the head, the body or the legs of a monster (you can’t draw more than one part). When drawing you can see a tiny bit of the previous part of the drawing, to help you line up the body parts reasonably well, but you don’t get to see the whole creation until all three players have created their parts. Once completed it’s then show in a gallery where people can vote on it.

It’s a great game that perfectly emulates the classic pen and paper game. The drawing tools are fairly simple and easy to use, but people can make some remarkably detailed drawings with them (which you can see in the hall of fame). See what three part abominations you can make!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

AVailable On: Browser

Play Monsterland Here

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