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Monstrüous is a charming little puzzle game that sees you attempting to figure out the correct order of actions to use to help four brave heroes dispatch a big nasty monster.

Playing a little like the popular Grow games by EYEMAZE, Monstrüous is a fun little hand animated puzzler that sees you trying to figure out what order of actions to use to slay the monstruous creature that’s invaded your kingdom. You have a band of four heroes, each of which has two special abilities that they can use once. Some of your abilities are defensive and some are offensive, but a lot of them will be ineffective unless you use them at the right time. You need to figure out the order in which to use the abilities to do the most damage to the monster and eventually slay it.

It’s a fun little game with great animation and clever puzzle design which requires experimentation and careful observation of the character’s abilities to solve. Can your merry band of heroes slay the monster?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Monstrüous Here

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