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Monument Game Download

Monument is a positive and uplifting experience in which you explore a crater, plant trees, leave messages to others and read messages of hope left by those before you.

More of an interactive social experience than a game, in Monument you enter a large low poly crater, filled with trees and an island in the middle. As you make your way down to the island you’ll notice that some trees are just ghostly outlines, with you able to click on them to plant them and watch them grow into solid trees.

Once you reach the island you’re then greeted by a monument made up of floating blocks, each of which has a positive message from players that have previously visited the island. You can also leave a message for future visitors using the console at the base of the monument – although the messages are moderated to allow authentic messages of positivity from individual people, so quotes from famous people and negative messages are filtered out.

It’s a very pleasant place to visit, plant a few trees and join in the sharing of positive thoughts with random people from around the globe. A beautiful little haven filled with positivity that can lift you up when the real word brings you down.

Controls: WASD – Movement, LMB – Plant Tree

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Monument Here

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