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MooMoo io browser game is an addictive blend of style browser based massively multiplayer warfare, teamwork and base building, in which you gather resources, form alliances and build a settlement as you attempt to work your way up to the top of the scoreboard.

You start with a little axe which you can use to chop wood, collect stone and gather apples. The apples are used to restore your health, while the stone and wood can be used to build structures that will make up your base, the most important part of which are the Windmills.

Windmills are the main way to gain points in – autonomous structures that generate points over time and propel you up the leaderboard. It’s no use just building them though, you’ll also have to protect them from other players. To do this you can build defenses or attempt to work alongside another player and form an alliance.

As you progress you’ll unlock new weapons and settlement upgrades that should keep out even the most determined attackers. Or you can just forget about the harvesting and base building and just go on a rampage, attacking other players bases (which also earns you points). really impresses with its fun blend of base building and massively multiplayer combat which offers a surprising amount of depth for an .io game and it’s one of the few where you can actually forge alliances rather than just attacking everyone in sight. A very addictive massively multiplayer base building game well worth checking out.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Attack/Harvest/Build

Available On: All Browsers

Note: To form a clan click the button in the top right of the screen

Play Here

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