Moon Waltz – Browser Game

moon waltz

Moon Waltz is a fun, blood filled game in which a werewolf goes out for a quiet stroll in the moonlight.

Your actions in Moon Waltz are limited to pressing the spacebar when you want to reveal the moon and turn into a werewolf.  Depending on when you do this though, there is a wide variety of consequences – from getting into a barroom brawl to making a man accidentally shoot a priest.  All of these actions are wonderfully animated and contain plenty of cartoon violence and blood.

There are a surprisingly large amount of consequences and endings to your walk, depending on when you decide to let your inner wolf out – from rotting in jail to flying to the moon.  You don’t even have to kill anyone – bit it’s a lot more fun if you do!

Controls:  Spacebar – Reveal The Moon

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Moon Waltz Here

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