Moonlaw – Downloadable Game

Moonlaw is a fun little Castlevania inspired retro action platformer where you battle monsters and big bosses as you explore and conquer the moon!

Created by Scumhead (creator of Vomitoreum and the Lycanthorn games, Moonlaw is a retro homage to Konami’s classic series, which essentially plays litke Castlevania in space. It takes around 15 minutes to play through and is light on plot, but has plenty of action, varied environments and six big bosses to battle.

There are a few little frustrations with Moonlaw – most notably bosses having very basic attack patterns and your character having some dodgy hit detection. If you can look past these issues then you’re in for a great little bite sized retro action platforming romp. As you’d expect from a scumhead joint, the pixel art visuals are particularly impressive and there are some wonderfully outlandish monster designs.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, LMB – Attack (Control Pad Compatible)

Available On: Windows

Download Moonlaw Here

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