Morning Coffee – Downloadable Game

morning coffee

Morning Coffee is a short, experimental game that explores morning rituals through an absurdist lens.

Absurdism is a philosophy defined by the inherent conflict between an uncaring universe and the human desire to find meaning in life. In Morning Coffee, after you finish your morning routine, the game immediately cuts to an image of the planet earth spinning through the universe. This seems to imply that while our rituals may mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, if you find value in them, they are worthwhile.

Unfortunately, Morning Coffee falls a little flat due to its incredibly short run-time. Still, Morning Coffee’s presentation is lovely. Smooth, pastel game objects help create a believable studio apartment and the soft pitter-pattering of rain is incredibly soothing. As such, we highly recommend taking a moment to savour a quick playthrough of Morning Coffee.

Controls: Mouse – Look, Move, Interact

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Morning Coffee Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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