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MOTHER is a very tense PS1 styled psychological horror game where a mother tries to look after her children, while dealing with insomnia, the loss of her husband and with grotesque monsters that invade her home.

In MOTHER you take on the role of Mary, a mother of two children who has recently lost her husband. Each day you need to carry out certain chores such as tidying up, putting your kids to bed, taking your pills and boarding up the windows. Once all your chores are done you can get some sleep to move on to the next day.

Most of the tasks you have to perform aren’t too hard. However, you also have to deal with a “friend” of the children, called Tommy, who really doesn’t play nice and and another freaky tall monster that seems to accompany him. Also, you are definitely taking the wrong amounts of medication, which really can’t be helping.

Taking around 2 hours to play through, there are some irritations with MOTHER, particularly when it comes to the final days where you try to shoot your unwelcome guests. Your gun is pretty ineffective unless you’re right next to the monster and your kids are also affected by permadeath, so if you make any mistakes you can kiss them goodbye for the rest of the game!

That being said, it’s a very interesting game with a tense atmosphere, an intriguing story and a very cool retro visual style. There are lots of great little touches throughout – such as the way you take your pills or the way you take the kids to bed. The kids are a welcome addition as it’s nice to have a little company in a horror game for a change and you really become invested in trying to help your kids survive, but it’s not going to be easy!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, F – Interaction, LMB – Shoot, Shift – Run

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download MOTHER Here

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