Mot’s Grand Prix – Downloadable Game

Mot’s Grand Prix is a fully functional pseudo 3D F1 racing sim, inspired by 80’s/90’s classics like Grand Prix Circuit and built in PICO-8!

Yet another game to push the boundaries of what the retro PIC)-8 virtual console can do, Mot’s Grand Prix is a great little F1 racing sim inspired by classic 80’s/90’s arcade racers. It features four difficulty levels, three real-life racing tracks (Silverstone, Brands Hatch and Suzuka) and charming pixelated pseudo 3D graphics. Incredibly it also manages to have a rear view mirror and driver assists that you can toggle on and off, including auto-braking and a color-coded racing line.

It may not deliver quite as authentic an F1 racing experience as Codemasters latest F1 release, but it’s a lot of fun and as a showcase of what the PICO-8 virtual console can do, it’s incredible. A great little slice of retro racing action.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Steer, Z – Accelerate, X – Brake

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Download or Play Mot’s Grand Prix Here

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