Moveless Chess – Browser Game

moveless chess

Moveless Chess is a cleverly designed Chess-based puzzler in which you can’t actually move any of your pieces – instead you transform your pieces into other pieces as you attempt to checkmate the opposition.

In each puzzle you’re presented with a Chess board with a selection of pieces placed as if a game is halfway through. Your goal is to checkmate the opposition and you can transform any of your pieces into any other piece as you attempt to do this, BUT you only have a set amount of action points. The more powerful the piece you turn it into, the more points it costs. This means you can’t just transform every piece on the board into a queen (most of the time that probably wouldn’t work anyway), and you really have to put some thought and planning into your limited amount of transformations.

The puzzle design in Moveless Chess is very well implemented, full of fiendish puzzles that require you to re-think the way you paly chess – you’re no longer looking for the best moves, you’re looking for the best transformations. A very impressive Chess based puzzler, well worth check-ing out.

Controls:  Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Moveless Chess Here

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