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Mudflat is a physics based building game where you attempt to build a tower of trash to escape the rising water levels on a long abandoned planet.

In Mudflat you take control of a robot that finds itself stranded on a small island filled with the debris of a long dead civilisation. You need to try and stack this debris to build a tower that you can climb to escape the increasing water levels and survive for 10 days.

To build your tower of trash you need to grab an object and drag it to where you want it. Once you have the object where you want it you can then weld it in place at the places it is touching other objects (or the ground). This building technique is a little unwieldy and as you can’t weld stuff thile you’re carrying it then it’s quite hard to build anything other than a messy heap of garbage – but nobody said surviving the end of the world would be easy.

One interesting element of Mudflat is that you can click on any of the objects to learn about their history, often giving valuable insights into the people who inhabited the world and how it ended up in the state it is. Your little robot isn’t judgemental about their actions and their lifestyle, it just sticks to the (cleverly written) facts, painting a narrative of what happened on the planet and why.

The building mechanics could perhaps do with a little refinement, but it’s a very interesting experience building your tower of out of the remnants of a once great civilization. A lot of the debis looks quite familiar, but it’d never happen here – climate change doesn’t exist… does it?

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB (Tap) – Learn About Object, LMB – Hold – Grab Object, RMB – Weld Object

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Mudflat Here

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