MUE – Downloadable Game

MUE is a beautiful first person horror adventure where a woman confronts her fear of ageing as she explores grotesque reflections of the course of her life.

Created by students from the University of Quebec, MUE is a short and visually stunning first person horror adventure about the fear of ageing. In the game you explore a nightmarish labyrinth that takes you through representations of different ages of a woman’s life. There are three different main areas, with the first representing her youth, the second representing her motherhood and the third representing her ageing (and her attempts to stave it off).

The ending is a little abrupt, but other than that MUE is an excellent little horror game. The character design and the environments are beautifully crafted and packed full of detail. The subject matter is also very interesting and the game does a good job of conveying its story without the use of any dialogue. Highly recommended.

Controls: Control Pad Only

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download MUE Here

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