Murder Among The Stars – Downloadable Game

Murder Among The Stars is a pixel art Sci-Fi horror adventure where a detective attempts to solve a murder caused by a four armed alien with stars for eyes.

Created for the Horror Themed Game Jam, Murder Among The Stars is a short visual novel/adventure game hybrid where you interrogare three aliens who are suspects in a grizzly murder. Each day you interrogate a different witness and try to get to the bottom of the murder, then at night time you carry out other activities, such as searching for clues.

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, it’s a fun little horror adventure with an interesting story, excellent pixel art animation and some clever twists (narratively and gameplay-wise). The setting is also very interesting and it would be nice to see more games set in the same universe.

Controls: A/D – Movement, E – interact, Mouse – Select Dialogue

Available On: Windows, Browser, Mac & Linux

Download Murder Among The Stars Here

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