Mushroom Heroes – Download Game

Mushroom Heroes Game Download

Mushroom Heroes is a charming multi-character puzzle platformer that draws inspiration from the 90’s classic The Lost Vikings, as you use three little mushroom’s unique abilities to overcome obstacles.

In Mushroom Heroes you can switch between control of your three different characters at the touch of a button. Each of your little mushroom heroes has their own unique skills – one can push objects and use a shield, once can shoot enemies and destroy objects and once can jump high, climb and float. Your aim is to reach the exit of each level with one of your mushroom pals, and you’ll need to use their unique abilities to do so.

Mushroom Heroes plays fondly like the 16-bit classic The Lost Vikings and it impresses with its inventive puzzle design, charming pixel art visuals and cute little mushroom character design. It’s great fun navigating each well crafted level with your cheery little mushroom heroes – they’re fun-gi’s to hang out with!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Action, Tab – Swap Character

Available On: Windows

Download Mushroom Heroes Here

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