My Friend The Spider – Downloadable Game

My Friend The Spider is a poignant little narrative-driven story about a giant spider and a fight with depression.

In My Friend The Spider you are a musician who is dealing with a bout of depression. You don’t want to socialise, you don’t want to answer phone calls and you don’t want to even leave your room. You’re not all alone though – there’s a little sider who sits in the corner of the room. Or at least, it starts off little anyway…

Taking around fifteen minutes to play through, it’s a beautifully told little story that deals with its subject matter in a clever and respectful way. The symbolism of the spider is a great touch and the ending is a much more realistic take on dealing with depression than most stories that try to tackle it.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – interact

Available On: Windows

Download My Friend The Spider Here

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