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My Inner Demon is a macabre little horror game with a cheesy 80’s horror vibe and a rhyming crow who tasks you with investigating the unfortunate deaths of a group of tenants in an apartment.

In My Inner Demon you are transported between the different apartments in a building where a crow presents you with the dead bodies of the residents and tasks you with finding a specific object to free their soul. The objects in question never take too long to find and they are generally something that meant a lot to the recently deceased. The deaths are all different and all the apartments are different, but there is one object that’s the same in each one…

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, My Inner Demon has a few rough edges but it’s got an interesting story and fun pulp horror mystery vibe that makes it feel like it could be an episode of Tales From The Crypt (especially the wonderfully cheesy intro scene and the quirky little rhyming crow). Will you get to the bottom of all the deaths in the apartment?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download My Inner Demon Here (Windows)

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