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Mystery World Dizzy free game

Mystery World Dizzy is an official brand new ‘old’ Dizzy game from the Oliver Twins, that’s based on a long abandoned NES remake of the ZX Spectrum classic Fantasy World Dizzy, and sees the little Yolkfolk hero setting out to save his girlfriend from Zaks, the evil wizard.

Originally planned for release in 1993 (and possibly in with a shout for being the most delayed video game ever) Mystery World Dizzy is essentially a much improved version of Fantasy World Dizzy, with better visuals, improved audio and a few nice gameplay tweaks. After being cancelled long ago, it was released this month by the Oliver Twins, with assistance from Lukasz Kur, to celebrate Dizzy’s 30th birthday and offers a cheerful, charming and challenging retro puzzle platforming experience that’s certain to delight Dizzy fans. There are even plans to launch a Kickstarter that will allow fans to purchase real Mystery World Dizzy NES carts.

Whether you’re newcomer of a long time fan of the Dizzy franchise, we highly recommend checking out Mystery World Dizzy as it’s a wonderful slice or retro puzzle platform gaming. Be prepared for a real old school challenge though – eggs aren’t the toughest of creatures!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Interact, Z – Jump, Spacebar – Inventory, Enter – Start/Pause

Available On: All Browsers

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Play Mystery World Dizzy Here

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