Naffta: Set The Steppes Alight – Downloadable Game

Naffta: Set The Steppes Alight is a short and incredibly tough Shadow of the Colossus inspired adventure where you ride a horse through the countryside and attempt to slay a massive colossus.

Created for the Finish That Damn Game Jam, Naffta: Set The Steppes Alight sees you riding through the countryside atop a horse carrying a bow. You need to follow the flames and “Set The Steppes Alight”, which basically involves having an epic battle with a huge colossus. You have two different types of arrow in your arsenal – rockets and fire arrows, and you need both of these to fell the colossus (fire to burn the flags that dangle by its sides and the rocket to do damage once the flags are burned).

The battle with the colossus does feel a little unfair and punishingly tough – it takes a long time to kill it and you can be killed instantly. However, it is still an impressive little game that does a great job of recreating SotC’s feeling of riding through wide open plains and running into a terrifyingly huge monster. You’ll need a LOT of perseverance to beat it though!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, RMB – Draw Bow, LMB – Fire, 1-2 Switch Weapon

Available On: Windows

Download Naffta: Set The Steppes Alight Here

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