Name That Animal Penis – Browser Game

name that animal penis 1

Name That Animal Penis is a rather repulsive but strangely addictive little game in which you attempt to match the penis to the animal, often with some eye opening results.

Nature is weird, and it seems that it keeps some of its most bizarre designs for the sexual reproductive organs of the males of the species. Name That Animal Penis celebrates the diversity of the phallus in nature, with you attempting to match what dangly bits belong to what animal.

It’s an oddly addictive game, full of pictures that both repulse and astound. The male human undercarriage is no work of art, but after witnessing some of the spectacular looking appendages in this game ours feels very boring in comparison. Also, if you’re a man then you may end up feeling very under-equipped seeing what some of these animals have to offer!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Name That Animal Penis Here

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