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Narcopolice Remake is a faithful remake of the 1991 Amiga original in which you co-ordinate on an assault on an island controlled by a huge drug cartel.

Set in the year 2003, where 1/5 of the worlds population take drugs, you must plan and execute a full frontal assault on the cartel’s complex.  You can choose your load out (or just opt for the default) and select three of the five possible tunnels to enter.

Gameplay feels like a strange but enjoyable mix of third person dungeon crawling and on-rails light gun shooting (albeit with mouse aiming instead of the light gun).  You can choose your own routes through the tunnels, but are unable to turn around, and the light gun-esque combat requires strategic use of different types of weaponry to take out different enemies.  You can also switch between teams at will by using the F1-F3 keys, allowing you to squeeze the cartel from all sides.

Much like the original, Narcopolice Remake is a tough game that mixes arcade run and gun gameplay with a sprinkling of strategy and tactical combat.  A well crafted remake of an original game that in many ways was way ahead of its time.

Controls: WASD – Movement,  1-4 – Switch Weapons,  F1-F3 – Switch Teams,  Mouse -Aim,  LMB – Fire

Available On:  Windows Only

Note:  Before playing we recommend you read up on how to play it here

Download The Narcopolice Remake Here

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