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Nasty Little Man is a fun and freaky little PS1 styled first person horror game where you attempt to banish an evil spirit while avoiding hordes of his diminutive avatars that chase you when you look at them!

In Nasty Little Man you have to find the three parts needed to reconstruct the effigy of an evil spirit called the “Nasty Little Man”. The three pieces are in different rooms of your home and they’re not too hard to find, but you also have to deal with the hordes of the Nasty Little Man’s little avatars who will chase you if you look in their direction. You need to navigate the house while avoiding looking at them as much as possible – each time they catch you you will shrink a little, until you shrink to their size and turn you into one of them.

It only takes a few minutes to play through Nasty Little Man, but it’s a great little game with a nice PS1 era visual style, a fun concept and surprisingly terrifying tiny little men. The fact they only chase you when you look at them is a nice touch as staying safe requires you to actively turn away from the deadly little things as they walk towards you, while your brain keeps telling you that you should be keeping an eye on them! Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interaction,

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Nasty Little Man Here

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