Naut – Downloadable Game


Naut is a beautiful and rather odd experience that allows you to drive an unwieldy car around the surface of mars, meet strange characters and hear what the cosmos has to tell you.

Starting off in your suburban household on the surface of Mars, you set out in your car to explore the surface of the stark and visually stunning planet.  Your car is an absolute pig to drive, but crashing into obstacles is half the fun.  When playing you’ll notice glowing shafts of light in the distance – these are other households, occupied by strange folks who will depart words of wisdom to you.

The drive is tough across this red planet, but the vistas and oddities you discover in Naut make it all worth it.  Get your ass to Mars (then crash into it!)


WASD: Movement
Mouse: Rotate camera
Space: Jump/Interact with the car
Left Shift: Sprint/Turn Car Quicker
E: Klaxon

Left Joystick : Move
Right Joystick : Rotate camera
A : Jump/Interact with the car
X : Klaxon

Players: 1 or 2: When playing 2 player, both players must use 360 Control pads

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Naut Here (Name Your Own Price, or Free)

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