Necrotic Breach – Downloadable Game

Necrotic Breach is a short and intense Sci-Fi horror FPS where you attempt to restore power within a containment zone that’s home to a freaky amorphous black monster.

In Necrotic Breach you are trapped within a containment area with a monster. Your task is to restore power to the various broken terminals throughout the area, but the monster obviously has different ideas. You do have a laser rifle to help fend off the monster, but it can only manage a few shots at a time and the monster is fast, patient and clever.

The core gameplay of Necrotic Breach is fairly simple and formulaic (find X amount of things while being stalked by a monster), but it’s very well executed. It’s got a very tense atmosphere and the shadowy monster doesn’t just charge straight for you, it can retreat, stalk and ambush. It’s a real game of cat and mouse, and even though you have a gun, you’re definitely the mouse!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Shoot, E – Interact

Available On: Windows

Download The Necrotic Breach Beta Here

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