Neonitry Wars – Browser Game

Neonitry Wars game

Neonitry Wars is a very tricky and addictive high score chasing arcade space combat game in which you don’t shoot anything – instead you fly between gates to blow up the swarms of enemies that chase you.

In Neonitry Wars your goal is to survive and amass as high a score as possible. You score points by flying through the gateways that spawn on screen, which in turn blow up any enemies nearby like a mini smart bomb. As well as earning you points, destroyed enemies also drop lots of multipliers that you can pick up to increase your score substantially.

It’s a simple, challenging and very addictive little game, in which you’re always balancing the risk vs reward of trying to collect all those lovely multipliers before they disappear while still avoiding the swarms of enemies. Who’d of thought Geometry Wars without the shooting could be so much fun?

Controls: Arrow Keys/WASD – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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