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Nest is a brain melting puzzler in which all you have to do is walk around a short maze a few times. While walking around a little maze a few times may sound like an easy task, it really isn’t the way Nest makes you do it!

You start by walking around a short maze, at the end of which you’re greeted with a large monitor and four arrows on the ground. It turns out that the four arrows are actually controller buttons that move the character that’s represented by the viewpoint on the monitor. If you step onto the buttons you move the character on the screen in front of you and can manoeuvre it around the maze depicted on the screen.

This essentially means that you’re controlling a character that’s controlling a character, which can take a little time to wrap your head around, but with a bit of work you can reach the end of the maze a second time. But guess what’s waiting for you at the end of THAT maze? Yep, ANOTHER screen and a set of buttons. Now you have to control a character, that’s controlling a character that’s controlling a character like some sort of gaming version of Inception. If you manage to get through the maze this time then you’re either very patient or some kind of spacial puzzle mastermind. Either way it’s a clever little game – a simple idea that creates some ridiculously complex gameplay.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Nest Here

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