Neyboy Challenge – Browser Game

Neyboy Challenge is a simple, but fun little reflex testing arcade game that challenges you to pull of an impossible feat – try to stop Neymar from falling over and rolling away in ’agony’.

He may be one of the world top footballers, but Neymar Jr. seems to have a severe balance problem and an extremely low pain threshold. Maybe he’s suffering from an inner ear problem or maybe he’s just a diving, play-acting diva, but either way he spent more time rolling around on the ground than playing football during the World Cup. Now it’s your turn to see it you can help him do any better!

The gameplay in Neyboy Challenge is very simple, with you just tapping in the opposite direction that Neymar’s falling to help him straighten up, but it’s surprisingly addictive – especially as you get cameo’s from other World Cup stars for every 10 seconds you keep him upright. How long can you keep the unbalanced Brazilian on his feet for?

Controls: Arrow Keys – Left/Right

Available On: All Browsers

Play Neyboy Challenge Here

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